Which is better: distance learning or traditional school?

What to compare with?

First of all, it should be noted that, despite the words of experts and specialists from pedagogy, the concept of "better" or "worse" is always subjective. This means that "better" for some may not necessarily be the same for you. Among other things, the particular school with which the comparison is made, its advantages and disadvantages, are of serious importance.

However, you can compare the learning systems themselves, relying on existing experience to give your assessment. In comparing the two systems, we will rely on four criteria, the first of which:

Learning effectiveness: distance and traditional school

The understanding and interpretation of effectiveness are very different, we will rely on the volume and totality of knowledge and skills that students receive during classes.

According to this indicator, distance learning is in the lead. Basically, in training, it is important to have the Internet. In this form, it is very important that the papers are written on time. With the help of the write an essay resource that will help you write work quickly and efficiently. The secret of this approach lies in the ability to create a flexible and individualized program for each student. In a traditional school, in the classroom, this is not possible. Even household chores are measured and verified in a fairly uniform way. When working remotely with students, much more productive communication is built: consultations on all emerging issues, assistance in developing a complex topic, additional information on the chosen direction, etc. For example, if you need to write a written work, you need to know how. To know how to move in this direction, then https://essayassistant.org/biography-writing-services/ can help with this. A well-written work will save you time.

In addition, the traditional school is quite "traditional", many innovations are perceived negatively by the administration and inspection bodies. At the same time, the modern school curriculum is subject to serious criticism as outdated and insufficient even for admission to a domestic university. Distance learning at school from the very beginning assumes a more flexible approach, it can include a much larger amount of material. The meaning of “working time” and “teaching hours”, on the basis of which teachers are paid in a traditional school, have been significantly revised here. All this helps to give the student more remotely, to help him better understand the entire program, to demonstrate the best results at any level.

Socialization, education and self-organization

The most "strong" side, according to a number of experts, of the traditional school is the socialization of the child. In other words, it is at school that he receives the necessary communication skills, cultural norms are instilled in him, he learns to behave in a team. It is generally accepted that in the remote form, the child is completely deprived of this. However, this is not at all the case, let's look at modern schoolchildren.

  1. Are you satisfied with the way the school is fulfilling its educational functions? What norms and skills of behavior in a team are brought up within the walls of educational institutions? In most cases, all the same specialists openly criticize domestic schools for the performance of these functions. Distance school enhances the role of parents, sections and circles in shaping the values ​​and norms of the child, makes it possible to “filter out” useless and even harmful cultural information.
  2. Circle of friends. Many modern schoolchildren communicate on the Internet, and if they suddenly stop attending school in person, would that take them away from social networks, chat rooms and other forms of modern communication? Will they stop chatting with friends in sports sections or clubs? This approach could have been relevant twenty years ago, but today everything has changed. Regardless of what and how your child visits, he will be able to connect with friends and comrades without even leaving home. You can criticize this state of affairs, feel nostalgic about your own experience, but this is already an established and objective fact.

Thus, there is only a theoretical advantage of the traditional school in the field of socialization.

Education document: how are diplomas different?

In a nutshell - nothing, they are the same. Graduates of both forms of education take the same exams, are tested, and receive a state-recognized certificate. There are no special and obvious advantages here, but there are hidden ones. The fact is that distance schools can offer much more in the field of learning foreign languages, often have partners in Europe, Canada or the United States. This means that some schools may offer an additional foreign diploma. For example, the distance school "Education Center" Optima "offers its pupils Ukrainian and Canadian and / or American diplomas.

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